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In sharing his thoughts and experiences, Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji completed an autobiography, which is available in Punjabi and English. The Punjabi version is entitled Roop Gobind Ka, Raj Khalsay Ka, Sikka Sonay Ka while the English translation is titled In Search of THE TRUE GURU . Its a must-read.
Anyone who reads the book, will be touched by Bhai Sahib Ji's simplicity, sincerity and single minded dedication to Naam Simran & Sewa.

In his book, Bhai Sahib Ji details his spiritual growth and journey from his birth in a Hindu family to being a Sikh of the Guru. He further describes his Darshan of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, glimpses of his previous life, the future of Khalsa Raaj and gives the answers to many spiritual aspects of the Sikh Faith via quotes from Gurbani.

This is an exceptional book for anyone who wants an insight into the life of a Gursikh. He has openly shared the experiences of his life with the reader, sharing how his life changed from a Manmukh to a Gurmukh.

Quotations from the Book:

If a human being so desires, then he can find a home for Naam in his mind. As in India, the string that pulls the water container from a well, cuts a groove on the stone edge of the well; so, if a string can make its permanent mark or groove on a stone, why can't a human being locate (Waheguru's ) Naam in his hirda (inner self).

If Naam Simran is done in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and in Saadh Sangat, then it is as if one is standing in heavy rain, the flood of which sweeps away everything; in that same way, the sins of previous lives of an individual are washed away.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has shown a direct and simple path to God's Name (ie God realisation). Do Naam simran; honest work and share your earnings with others. This is Guru Ji's injunction.

A bird has two wings and cannot fly without these. In the same way, for the Gursikhs sewa and simran are like two wings. Without sewa and simran, an individual will not rise above the problems of daily life and be content and positive. By doing sewa, the hands, feet and body become purified. By doing Simran, the tongue and the mind are purified.

When you die, only Naam simran will be of help to you. Reap the benefit of the human form. If you end up in the cycle of 8.4 million life forms, you do not know when you will get a human birth again. Now that you have been given a human body, you should make good use of it. If you have not started doing simran, it is still not too late for you to make a start."

Reviews and Comments:

"Amazing, simply amazing ! I am awe-stricken to the experiences of Bhai Sahib. Wow" - Jagdev Singh

"I feel energised & super-charged to do lots of simran after reading this book."- Harpal Singh

"There were so many rituals that I had been following blindly. After reading this book, I've come to realise the emptiness of such rituals and the importance of Naam Simran & Sewa."- Satwinder Kaur

"I am looking forward to Khalsa Raj as per envisioned by Bhai Sahib. I wish to become a mother of the divine souls that God is sending for His Divine Purpose."- Gurmit Kaur


In Search of the True Guru
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